Meet the woman behind RealBody Fit Club


Meet the RealBody Coach

Meeka is a fitness enthusiast who began her own personal weight-loss journey at 326lbs. After two years of eating clean and working out consistently, she lost more than 140lbs naturally and is now dedicated to helping others tap in to their potential and embark on a fitness journey of their own.

Today, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Meeka offers a simple and effective formula for healthy weight loss, weight gain, and overall wellness. She is a mom who understands the challenges of balancing life and fitness, and seeks to teach others how to find balance in their own lives. Learn more about her remarkable fitness journey by purchasing Inner Animal: A Riveting Story of Natural Weight Loss and Internal Motivation. Those interested in learning the basics to eating healthy and changing their lifestyle are also encouraged to purchase her e-book, Meeka’s Body Fuel Guide to Healthy Eating, which features a comprehensive meal guide and 10 bonus recipes!


Love Your REAL Body

The mission of the RealBody Fit Club is simple- we seek to redefine “body goals.” Every “body” is different and composed of its own unique and beautiful properties. My mission is to help you reach inward and tap into your true potential while teaching you a fail-proof, no gimmick formula to becoming healthy, fit, and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

The formula is simple: Prepare your mind. Train your body. Change your life!



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